Marmoleum Concrete

Floor design with Marmoleum Concrete in Satellite & Orbit

Marmoleum Concrete

The looks of a modern concrete floor with the warmth and eco-friendliness of Marmoleum. The colour palette is neutral with both warm and cool tones, plus 6 paired sets of bright colours for creating powerful accents in your floor design. The accent or "glow" colours are specially designed to be combined with their "shimmer" counterpart — neutral concretes with a flash of colour that shimmers through the surface. With these coordinating shades you can create stunning floor designs.


Product Variations

About Marmoleum Solid

The pure nature of linoleum flooring. Marmoleum Solid flooring combines attractive contemporary floor designs with unrivalled versatility & innovation. Discover Marmoleum Cocoa, with added cocoa shells creating a unique granular look. Or the embossed Slate design that combines the aesthetics of stone with the warmth & purity of Marmoleum. 

  • Thickness: 2,5 mm / 3,5 mm
  • Length x width: ≤ 33 m x 200 cm and ≤ 33 m x 195 cm
  • Antistatic & bacteriostatic
  • 97% natural raw materials
  • 72% rapidly renewable
  • 43% recycled content
  • Low emissions; no phthalates, plasticisers or PVC
  • Manufactured in Europe, in factories running on green electricity
  • Certified by internationally recognized environmental labels such as the Blue Angel, The Nordic Swan and Nature Plus.
  • Finish: Topshield 2