Installation & Repair Services

Whatever kind of flooring you choose, you're going to want skilled and professional installation. At Danforth Carpet Connection, we do far more than just sell carpet and flooring. Our installation crew have extensive experience installing and repairing carpet, hardwood, vinyl flooring, tile and much more, so whatever you choose, we can install it to perfection — and repair existing carpets and flooring as well!

Room scene with Exquisite Craft carpet in Cork
Carpet Installation & Repair

You'll want get the most out of your carpet, without the stress — and we have over thirty years of experience in carpet installation, cleaning, binding, repair, and more. Whether you opt for traditional wool carpet, newer synthetics, eco-friendly sisal, or anything else, we can install it perfectly.

Or, if you love the carpet you have but it's looking a little the worse for wear, contact us for an assessment — it may be repairable.

Room scene with Beaux Arts engineered hardwood flooring in Renoir
Hardwood Installation & Repair

Hardwood, as one of the most permanent types of flooring, has specific requirements to ensure your floor is safe, beautiful, and long lasting. We’ll get your installation — whether modern engineered hardwood or traditional solid hardwood — done properly for a lifetime of beautiful and resilient wood floors. We can also repair or refinish your existing hardwood floors.

Room scene with Defined Beauty vinyl flooring in Cambria
Vinyl Flooring Installation

We have extensive experience with vinyl flooring installation, design work, and repairs, from economical sheet vinyl to luxury vinyl tiles and planks that mimic natural stone and wood beautifully. Our staff can guide you through the process from selecting which installation type is right for you, while maximizing the convenience and minimize the cost.

Room scene with Ava Terina tile flooring in Giallo High Gloss
Tile Installation

Not only do we carry a beautiful assortment of tile of every kind (check the Tile section on this site, or come into our Toronto showroom at 1999 Danforth), we offer quality installation. Installing tile properly, whether ceramic, porcelain, stone or any other kind, is notoriously painstaking work, often requiring require underlay, mortar, and grout, as well as the tiles themselves! That’s why our installers are highly trained and experienced to make remodelling your kitchen or bathroom a smooth and professional process.

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