Custom Area Rugs

Looking for a custom area rug? Browse our web site for examples of some of the many types of carpet we carry (wool, sisal, and many other carpet varieties) or come into our Toronto carpet showroom to see much more.

Once you have an idea what type of carpet you would like us to use, we offer a variety of different finishing options for the edges, each available in many different colours and types. Contact us to find out more! 

Example of hand serged custom area rug
Hand Serging

Hand Serging is a traditional method for finishing area rugs, where the serging (wrapping of the edges with yarn or thread) of the rug is done by hand. Normally hand serging shows less of the yarn on the face of your custom area rug than machine serging does. It is by far the most labour-intensive way of finishing an area rug, and thus will take us longer to complete. 

Machine Serging
Machine Serging

Machine Serging is a mechanized version of the same process that traditional hand serging uses, creating a similar (though usually slightly wider) serged edge that forms a continuous wrap of yarn around the border of your custom area rug.

Example of custom area rug with modern edge
Modern Edge

Modern Edge gives your custom area rug a discreet and low profile serged edge with a sleek look. This is a great alternative to hand serging for those that want a narrow edge to their area rug without the labour involved in hand serging. 

Example of standard tape bound area rug with folded corners
Standard Tape

Standard Tape binding uses a synthetic or cotton fabric tape sewn around the edge of your custom area rug, typically showing about 1/4" of the tape on the face of the rug. Corners can be folded, as in the example at left, or mitred, as in the following example. 

Example of fabric bound area rug with mitred corner
Fabric Binding

Many other types of fabric can be used to bind custom area rugs, for a truly unique look. This type of binding can be done in a variety of widths, compositions and patterns. Corners can be folded as in the previous example, or mitred as in the one at left.