Interior Design

Living room scene with colourful tile floor
Professional expertise

With the industry’s premium flooring collections and our interior design expertise, we’ll help you make your home or office a truly unique place. Need to know what floor is best for a formal dining room that also has to be kid-proof? Is a tile mosaic backsplash going to look too busy next to your colourful kitchen cabinets? What are the trendiest modern carpet patterns? We have the answers!

Drafting table with vintage design tools
Quality Installation

We have decades of experience installing flooring of every kind, as well as with many other home improvements. Our installers and contractors are skilled, professional and trustworthy. Whatever kind of flooring, renovation, or other home improvements you decide on through your interior design consultation, everything will be installed to perfection. See our Installation & Repair, or Renovation & Remodelling pages for more. 

Kitchen with tile backsplash and wood-look laminate floor
Kitchen & Bathroom Design

Kitchens and bathrooms can be beautifully designed, but also face the most wear and tear, so they require careful planning for a balance of form and function. We’ll take care of your floors, backsplash, and even countertops, for a kitchen and bathroom design that is both beautiful and durable enough to withstand even the busiest family. See our Kitchen & Bathroom Design & Renovation page for more details.

Room scene with stylish and modern wooden stairway
Stairs & Railings

Stairs are an essential element of interior design, which must be durable enough to handle continual traffic, safe for children and the elderly, and stylistically compatible with both the upstairs and downstairs decor. Our interior designers will help you select the perfect stair treatments for your home. We provide stair installation, renovation and repair, and create custom stair runners as well. 

Room scene with hardwood floors and beautiful Persian-style area rug
Custom Area Rugs & Runners

The ideal finishing touch for many a room design is the perfect area rug. Our carpet experts and interior designers can help you create a custom area rug precisely fitted to the design of your space! Shop in store, or browse our web site to see a sampling of the variety of carpets we can make into an area rug for you (far more in store than on the site!). Or bring in an old rug that doesn't fit any more, and we’ll resize it to fit your new space. We can create a perfect rug for every area.

Room scene with vintage hardwood floor
Traditional & Engineered Hardwood

If your tastes in interior design lean more toward hardwood than carpet, we offer many types of both traditional solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood, and a variety of related services, from design and installation of hardwood floors to repair and refinishing. There are many specific requirements to ensure your hardwood floors are safe, beautiful, and long-lasting, and our hardwood experts are skilled in all of them.