Marmoleum is a type of high-quality, sustainably produced linoleum, made with 97% natural materials, and available in many beautiful and innovative designs.

The following is just a small sampling of what we have available in this category.
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Also, each of our collections comes in multiple variations, so when one catches your eye,
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Marmoleum Cocoa

Marmoleum Cocoa embraces sustainable design with a truly new addition to the range of Marmoleum flooring. By adding cocoa shells — a by-product of the chocolate industry — to the traditional Marmoleum ingredients we have created a new and exciting surface texture that is both natural looking and…

Marmoleum Piano

Piano is the Italian word for gently, plain, smooth or soft. In this design, a subtle soft fibre feel is combined with a plain background, creating a minimal and plain aesthetic, but with improved soil hiding properties. Available in a wide range of colours.

Marmoleum Slate

Inspired by the natural texture of stone. Marmoleum Slate introduces a unique embossed texture, for the timeless aesthetic of stone with the warmth and purity of linoleum. The slate look is sophisticated and refined, and plays with the light making your floor come to life, while also improves…

Marmoleum Terra

Marmoleum Terra is mix of earthy colours with a close, tight and highly contrasting structure inspired by igneous rocks. It combines a sophisticated small-scale marbled structure with great soil hiding properties, providing a natural feel to any environment.


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