Marmoleum Piano

School hallway with Marmoleum Piano flooring in multiple colours

Marmoleum Piano

Piano is the Italian word for gently, plain, smooth or soft. In this design, a subtle soft fibre feel is combined with a plain background, creating a minimal and plain aesthetic, but with improved soil hiding properties. Available in a wide range of colours.


Product Variations

About Marmoleum Solid

The pure nature of linoleum flooring. Marmoleum Solid flooring combines attractive contemporary floor designs with unrivalled versatility & innovation. Discover Marmoleum Cocoa, with added cocoa shells creating a unique granular look. Or the embossed Slate design that combines the aesthetics of stone with the warmth & purity of Marmoleum. 

  • Thickness: 2.5 mm / 3.5 mm
  • Length x width: ≤ 33 m x 200 cm, ≤ 33 m x 195 cm
  • Antistatic & bacteriostatic
  • 97% natural raw materials
  • 72% rapidly renewable
  • 43% recycled content
  • Low emissions; no phthalates, plasticisers or PVC
  • Manufactured in Europe, in factories running on green electricity
  • Certified by internationally recognized environmental labels such as the Blue Angel, The Nordic Swan and Nature Plus.
  • Finish: Topshield 2