Kitchen scene with Cosmic recycled glass mosaic tile from Centura, in Elba


Cosmic is a collection of 98% recycled glass mosaic tile in an eclectic mix of shades, finishes and textures, for an artistic patchwork effect. With over 20 different tessera in each variety, and available in both multicolor and monochrome versions, Cosmic will add a touch of creative flair to any kitchen or bathroom

Product Variations

About Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are a beautiful, light-reflecting tile option for walls, floors, backsplashes and more. And they're environmentally friendly too, since they're fired at a lower temperature than ceramic or porcelain, and often include recycled glass.

  • 12″ × 12″
  • 30 cm × 30 cm
  • Thickness : 4.5mm
  • Look and feel: Glass, Patterned, Stone
  • Usage: Wall
  • Includes 98% recycled content