Mystic Glass

Kitchen scene with Mystic Glass recycled glass tile by Centura, in Islande

Mystic Glass

Made from 98% recycled glass, this elegant mosaic features tiny squares of many different coordinating shades and textures, set into 12" x 12" tiles for ease of installation. Available in two varieties — the warm Agata Brown and the cool-toned Islande — the striking variation of Mystic Glass makes for a truly unique backsplash or bathroom decor.

Product Variations

About Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are a beautiful, light-reflecting tile option for walls, floors, backsplashes and more. And they're environmentally friendly too, since they're fired at a lower temperature than ceramic or porcelain, and often include recycled glass.

  • 12″ × 12″ (30 cm × 30 cm)
  • Thickness : 4.9mm
  • Look and feel: Patterned, Stone, Textured, Glass
  • Usage: Wall
  • Includes recycled content
  • PEI: 3